COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Updates as of 09/23/2021:

The safety and health of your children are our primary concern. We are closely monitoring the status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and you can to by clicking the button to the CDC below. We will continue to follow the CDC’s most up-to-date recommendations for protecting your family in our office. As such, we ask that visitors carefully read signage before entering the office. We have dedicated entrances for well, sick, and flu/covid vaccine clinic visits. If in doubt, please call before arriving.

What We Can Do For You and Your Child

If your child has had any known or suspected exposure to Coronavirus or COVID-19 – please call to speak with our nurse in order that we can properly triage you. We will determine whether your child can be evaluated via a TeleHealth Visit, 'Fast Track' Visit or will require an extensive evaluation in our office. We ask that if anyone in your family does contract symptoms or tests positive to self-quarantine the recommended 10-14 days to further protect your community. Please refer to the resources below to help protect your child during the pandemic.

Flu & COVID Vaccine Clinic Info:

To our Vickery Pediatrics families: we have the Flu vaccine, Moderna vaccine, and Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine available. Recipients for the Pfizer vaccine must be 12 years or older, until the CDC states we can start vaccinating younger children. We have the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine available. Recipients for the Moderna vaccine must be 18 years or older, until the CDC states we can start vaccinating younger children.

Our vaccination clinic is by appointment only. Due to volume of interest in any of the vaccines, the clinic will run Monday- Friday from 9am to 3:30pm beginning September 8th. On October 1, our time slots will run from 9am - 4:30pm. We must do the vaccinations in cohorts of 10 for Moderna and cohorts of 6 for Pfizer, to refrain from wasting any doses.

If you are interested, please email Nurse Kim at: When you come for your appointment, please bring a picture ID and insurance card, if applicable. If parent is uninsured, there will be a $30 Flu vaccine fee. COVID vaccines are free to the public. Be prepared to stay for at least 15 minutes after administration of the COVID vaccine(s).

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