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H1N1 Vaccine Is In!

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Influenza Vaccine is IN!

**However… the other preparations (injectable “killed” (inactivated)
preservative – free forms for ages 6 mo. And up) are yet to be

***As the other preparations of the H1N1 Influenza vaccine arrive –
we will post updates at office and on the web.

***Important vaccine information:
1) For all doses of H1N1 vaccination – if the child is between the
ages of 6 mo. And 9 yrs – a booster dose (2nd dose) is required in 4 +
weeks time to insure adequate protection.

2) Seasonal Flu (Live) Mist (not the injectable) and H1N1 (Live) Mist
cannot be given at the same time.

3) If any Live vaccine (FluMist, MMR, Varicella, Rotateq) have been
given < 4 weeks ago, H1N1 (or any other) vaccine must wait until a 4
week interval has elapsed.

4) Current recommendations from CDC are that if a child has had
influenza A (presumably H1N1 Influenza) already this season, it is still
considered to be a benefit to boost their immune system by receiving
this vaccine.

5) If child/adult has mild illness (cold/cough/fever < 101 oF),
they may still receive the vaccine.

6) Contraindications for H1N1
vaccination are unchanged from contraindications given for seasonal
Influenza vaccination. These are as follows: If your child is less than 2
yrs of age or adult > 50 yrs of age, are pregnant, has asthma or any
other chronic illness, has egg allergies, uses daily aspirin, history
of BGS post-vaccination from influenza or is immunocompromised – they
may not receive the Live H1N1 Mist vaccination.

***Starting on Saturday October 10th (Flu clinic) and continuing on
our prescheduled Flu clinic dates, we will offer the H1N1 Influenza
Vaccination in addition to our seasonal Influenza vaccinations.

***Cost of Seasonal Influenza vaccine ( Mist or injectable) is still

***Cost of the H1N1 (all preparations) vaccine is $15 that covers
administration of vaccine but the vaccine itself is free.

*** Parents will be given receipts with the corresponding codes to
submit to their insurer, if desired. All vaccines given to children as
well as adults receiving H1N1 will be entered into the national database

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