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Cumming Newborn Prenatal Counseling Visit for Expectant Parents

Vickery Pediatrics invites expectant parents to visit our office for a newborn prenatal visit. In preparation for the birth and first newborn well-baby exam, getting to know our board-certified pediatricians is a vital step. Families can discuss their needs and concerns during the visit, while familiarizing themselves with our modern office. Schedule an appointment and meet the team here in Cumming.

Cumming prenatal visits.

Primary Features of a Prenatal Visit

A prenatal visit is important to establish a relationship with the newborn pediatrician who will help care for your child. While parents will need different things from a visit, appointments typically include the following features.

Meet the Pediatricians

Get to know the pediatricians and staff who will support you in the months after your child’s birth, and in the years ahead. When choosing a pediatrician you’ll want to select a knowledgeable provider that you feel comfortable with.

Tour of the Office

First-time parents will want to become familiar with the location where their child will receive care, including the waiting areas and examination rooms. And here’s a video for those parents who’d also like a virtual tour.

Ask Your Pediatrician Questions

Most expectant parents have many questions and concerns. We have included our frequently asked questions for your Cumming pediatrician, and are happy to address these and additional issues at your newborn prenatal visit.

Discussion About Newborn Care

From newborn screenings and vaccinations to feeding guidance, our pediatricians can advise you on the best practices in newborn care. For parents having their first child, attending a newborn prenatal visit will help them become more comfortable in caring for their newborn.

Discuss the Newborn’s First Visit

The parental visit is the perfect opportunity to get answers about caring for your newborn in the days before you bring your baby to their first office visit. If you choose our practice to assist you in caring for your baby, we’ll let you know when to schedule the newborn’s first office visit, plus the other essential steps to take before the birth.

Common Questions About Prenatal Visits

The best time to arrange a prenatal visit is typically in the third trimester of pregnancy, at around 28 to 32 weeks. This period ensures you’ll have enough time to address any questions with your new pediatrician before the baby is born.

Both parents can attend the prenatal visit and begin to build a relationship with the pediatricians. The information and advice gathered during the appointment will benefit the whole family in the weeks after birth.

To prepare for a prenatal consultation, first write down the questions you have about your newborn’s care. Also, collecting relevant medical records and reporting significant details about your family’s medical history is helpful to both the pediatric team and to your baby.

Visit Us in Cumming for Prenatal Care Checkups

Get to know the team at Vickery Pediatrics and receive answers to your most pressing questions with a prenatal visit to our pediatrician’s office. We are pleased to welcome families from Cumming, Buford, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Forsyth County and beyond. Call (678) 990-2501 or request an appointment today.

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