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Prenatal FAQs

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important things that we do to help guide us through the wonderful journey of parenthood. It is so important to find a practice where you feel that your children are receiving the most up-to-date care in the most caring of places. Below are some frequently asked questions during our prenatal visits.

Who Makes Up Vickery Pediatrics?

Vickery Pediatrics sees about 8000 patients per year between 3 doctors. They have all worked in an ER, Urgent Care and NICU setting at before joining private practice. The doctors are committed to providing the best medical home for your child and love to spend time getting to know your family and your pediatric needs. They are very comfortable with urgent medical needs but are passionate about patient education and a team approach to overall care.

Will you see my baby in the hospital?

We do not rounds in the hospitals but enjoy a great working relationship with the neonatologists at Northside Atlanta, Northside Forsyth, Emory Johns Creek and Piedmont. They will take care of all your baby’s needs during your time in the hospital and will communicate their findings to us through the newborn paperwork provided for you at discharge. In the rare event of complications during the hospital stay, we typically receive timely phone follow up from the neonatologists so that we can provide seamless care once you are home.

How often will my baby be seen in the first year?

We like to see our newborns within the first few days of being home from the hospital. Simply call the office once the baby is born to get onto our schedule. We like to review all newborn paperwork and go over all “new baby basics” at the first visit. We generally recommend a return nurse visit for a weight check at 1 week of age; then we will see you again at 1 month. These first couple of visits are a great time to go over feeding, sleep schedules and overall development. Future well visits are generally completed at: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

What if my baby gets sick?

We make every attempt to see your child the same day you are concerned. Simply call the office for an appointment time. We are unable to accept walk-in visits.

Do you have late or weekend hours?

We do not offer weekend or late evening hours at this time. We utilize the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta nurse advice line. They are able to provide phone triage and help you make the right decision of what should be done next for your child. One of our Vickery Pediatrics doctors is available for backup calls on weeknights and weekends in case of an emergent issue that cannot be answered by the nurse advice line.

What is Vickery Pediatrics’ stance on antibiotic use?

Emerging drug resistance to antibiotics by many bacteria is becoming a national health crisis. The doctors at Vickery Pediatrics are very judicious with their use of antibiotics. While they are appropriate for many childhood illnesses, the doctors will fully discuss the history of the illness, their findings on the exam and all supportive care as well as medicines that will benefit your child and why. They are committed to using antibiotics only when appropriate for the clinical scenario and are happy to discuss the thought process behind their decision. They will not call in antibiotics over the phone.

What is Vickery Pediatrics’ stance on immunizations?

We are a pro-vaccine practice. We immunize our patients using the schedule recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. We do not offer an alternative vaccine schedule, as there are no medically accepted ones. While we are aware that this is a difficult decision for some parents, the re-emergence of contagious illnesses like measles and polio reiterates the need for strong vaccination practices.

What is Vickery Pediatrics’ stance on breastfeeding?

The doctors at Vickery Pediatrics believe that breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition to a newborn and has many immune benefits for your newborn. We also know that breastfeeding can be challenging for a new mom. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the lactation team at all of our local hospitals. They provide incredible insight and work hard to ensure maximal benefit. We discuss feeding at all well visits and feel that the well-being of your baby comes first. Supplementation with formula is often part of the feeding plan, especially at the beginning and sometimes full formula feeds are the right answer. Every feeding decision is made with you and reflects what is right for your particular situation.

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