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Cumming ADHD Assessment & Management for Children

At Vickery Pediatrics, we assess children for ADHD – attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. When it’s determined that a child is dealing with this condition, we provide ongoing ADHD managed care. Speaking to an ADHD specialist at our Cumming pediatrician office is the first step towards effective treatment.

Cumming ADHD treatment for children

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting millions of children across the United States. Sadly, many children with ADHD go undiagnosed, and often face problems with their education, social interactions and general wellbeing.

Primary Care Evaluations for ADHD

ADHD is most often characterized by hyperactivity and a lack of focus. However, a child’s ADHD symptoms can be experienced in many ways.

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Problems following instructions

If you identify any of these symptoms and your child is experiencing difficulties in school, at home or during social situations, it’s important to discuss your concerns with a pediatrician at Vickery Pediatrics.

An evaluation requires the identification of a number of symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These symptoms must have been present for at least six months, and be inappropriate for the child’s developmental level. In making a diagnosis, a pediatrician speaks to parents, teachers and others in close contact with the child.

ADHD Treatment Options

At Vickery Pediatrics, we understand that each child with ADHD has particular requirements. We work with the child and their parents to manage the disorder, ensuring the child can maintain good mental health and succeed academically.

As part of our treatment strategy, we may recommend behavior therapy to improve ADHD symptoms and to provide coping skills for periods of inattention or impulsivity. In addition, ADHD medication is another option to help improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity. Several ADHD medications are available to meet the needs of each patient.

Frequently, the families of children with ADHD find it difficult to cope with the various challenges involved. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will educate parents on strategies to help manage the child’s ADHD. Both nutritional counseling (such as the foods to avoid) and behavioral counseling are helpful for the children and their parents.

Common Questions About ADHD Care

The exact causes of ADHD are unknown. However, it is believed that genetics play a key role. Additional risk factors include environmental toxins, premature birth, brain injuries and smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

ADHD medication is safe and can provide many benefits for patients. However, it is important to visit your pediatrician for regular checkups to ensure the medication is providing the desired benefits. In addition, children can experience side effects that include problems sleeping, headaches, loss of appetite and so on.

There is no single cure for ADHD, but diagnosis and an effective ADHD treatment plan can help patients manage the condition. Identifying the signs from an early age can make managing symptoms easier.

Trusted Pediatric ADHD Specialist in Cumming and Beyond

If you think your child may have ADHD, Vickery Pediatrics is here to help. We provide ADHD treatment for families in Cumming, Cumming, Buford, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee and across Forsyth County. For an ADHD consultation, call (678) 990-2501 or make an appointment today.

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