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Cumming Urgent Care Treatment for Children

At Vickery Pediatrics, we provide urgent care services for our patients in Cumming at our pediatric office. If your child, teen or young adult up to age 21 has an urgent medical condition that is not an emergency or life-threatening, we can be reached 24 hours a day. Our experienced pediatricians are dedicated to each patient’s well-being, and our after-hours service ensures there is always somewhere to turn in times of ill health.

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Local Pediatricians for Urgent Care Visits

Continuity of care is a key factor in a child’s good health. Children benefit from an ongoing relationship with a pediatric doctor who can offer individualized care at every stage of their development. When your child faces an immediate issue, your local pediatrician is the best resource for discussing the symptoms and recommending the best treatment for their health condition.

Importantly, our pediatricians and nursing team understand how to interact with children and quickly ease any worries. Having a consistent relationship with a pediatrician builds familiarity and trust, and ensures open communication and personalized treatment. When faced with the need for an urgent care visit, having a personal doctor to address your child’s illness is always preferable to visiting a new physician.

In addition, when you suddenly need after-hours urgent care, you can contact our office or Pediatric Nurse Triage services through Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at (404) 785-5437.

Trusted Urgent Care Services

As part of our commitment to first-class pediatric medical treatment, we always aim to provide urgent and same-day appointments during office hours. Children fall ill at times or experience minor injuries that cause discomfort. By contacting us as soon as possible, our urgent care pediatricians can deliver treatment for common health concerns such as the following.

  • Ear, nose and throat issues – Sinusitis, ear infections and sore throats.
  • Injuries – Fractures and sprains from sports and play.
  • Infections – Flu, fever, vomiting, urinary tract infection.
  • Respiratory issues – Asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

Common Questions About Urgent Care

An emergency involves severe or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Urgent care involves less pressing health issues that may still require same-day attention.

While the circumstances of each case will vary, if your child experiences breathing difficulties and has to work hard to breathe, immediately calling emergency services is recommended.

After-hours calls will initially be received by a nurse who can advise on the best medical processes for every type of illness or injury. You may be referred to a doctor if the situation requires closer attention.

Access Urgent Care Services in Cumming, Johns Creek, Forsyth County & Beyond

At Vickery Pediatrics, we are available to provide pediatric urgent care services for non-life-threatening medical conditions. If you have an immediate health concern about a child, you can reach us at (678) 990-2501.

For after-hours assistance, please leave a message with our answering service or call the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hotline directly at (404) 785-5437. Additional help can be found through Poison Control at (800) 222-1222 and the Suicide Hotline at (800) 273-8255.

Your Local Pediatrician Serving Cumming and Beyond

We work with parents to optimize physical and social development. Our goal is to help your child live a happy and healthy life with the best pediatric care.
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Sick Visits

Our pediatricians treat children’s illnesses or minor injuries, with same-day sick visits and urgent care treatment appointments also available.

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Well-Child Checkups

Wellness checkups monitor your child’s development, keep immunizations up-to-date and ensure quality preventive pediatric medical care.

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Newborn Care

Newborn babies require specialized pediatric care. With us you’ll get friendly guidance, diligent screenings and comprehensive care.

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ADHD Evaluation & Management

Diagnosing and managing ADHD in children calls for expert care. We’ll counsel you on the strategies to help your child succeed.