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Trusted Cumming Checkups for Infants and Toddlers

During the early years, regular visits to your pediatric doctor  are vitally important. Checkups for infants and toddlers are used to track your child’s physical and social development, while also employing preventive measures against illness and injury.

Infant and toddler checkups in Cumming

The importance of checkups cannot be underestimated, and we are pleased to welcome you to our Cumming pediatrician office for well-child visits. The pediatricians at Vickery Pediatrics care about your child’s health, and use proven checkup protocols to get a solid understanding of their growth and development.

Routine Infant and Toddler Checkups in Cumming

With infants and toddlers growing and changing quickly, families will typically have 10 checkups with their pediatrician in the first three years. Starting at the newborn exam, checkups record measurements like height, weight, vitals, hearing and vision, and assess whether a child is meeting the expected milestones for their age. In addition, parents will receive valuable advice on sleep, diet, sickness prevention and best practices for maintaining good health.

Infant and Toddler Development Assessments

Infants and toddlers progress rapidly in their physical, cognitive and social development. For parents, it’s important to feel reassured that their child is growing and developing as they should. As your pediatrician tracks the many stages of your child’s development, they watch for health and wellness indicators that may require intervention or treatment. The following components are assessed during a checkup.

  • Physical – This period involves rapid physical development, including gripping items, improved reflexes, the ability to sit up, motor skills, improved balance, crawling and more.
  • Communication – Communication begins through crying and develops into individual sounds. Toddlers will start to use a few words after around 12 months.
  • Behavior – Behavior is more limited for infants as they focus on eating, sleeping and crying. Toddlers show more independence, often exploring and sometimes having emotional outbursts.

Common Questions About Well Checks for Infants and Toddlers

There are various ways to keep your home safe, such as keeping medicine, choking hazards, knives and similar objects out of reach and locked away. You can also use a gate on the stairs, secure heavy items – and ensure cords do not dangle from window blinds.

Some early vaccines include hepatitis B, rotavirus, influenza, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and hepatitis A. Your pediatrician can advise on the exact immunization schedule your child should follow.

Most children start walking between eight and 18 months old. Babies will progress from crawling to standing up (using support). During routine checkups, your pediatrician will assess your child’s progress to ensure there are no developmental issues.

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For expert well-child care, schedule a visit with a pediatrician at Vickery Pediatrics. From our Cumming location, we provide comprehensive checkups for children from Cumming, Buford, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee and Forsyth County. Call (678) 990-2501  or request an appointment now.

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We work with parents to optimize physical and social development. Our goal is to help your child live a happy and healthy life with the best pediatric care.
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Sick Visits

Our pediatricians treat children’s illnesses or minor injuries, with same-day sick visits and urgent care treatment appointments also available.

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Well-Child Checkups

Wellness checkups monitor your child’s development, keep immunizations up-to-date and ensure quality preventive pediatric medical care.

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Newborn Care

Newborn babies require specialized pediatric care. With us you’ll get friendly guidance, diligent screenings and comprehensive care.

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ADHD Evaluation & Management

Diagnosing and managing ADHD in children calls for expert care. We’ll counsel you on the strategies to help your child succeed.