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What Can a Telemedicine Pediatrician Treat?

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Pediatric telemedicine has quickly become an essential tool in children’s ongoing medical care. And while virtual consultations and remote care services are not meant to replace face-to-face visits at our Cumming office, they are a convenient and valuable addition for a family. However, some parents are uncertain about what services a telemedicine pediatrician can provide. Here is a closer look at telemedicine’s various uses.

The Main Treatments Provided by a Telemedicine Pediatrician

As a complementary service to in-person visits, telemedicine offers a safe and private way to manage your child’s healthcare without needing to travel to our office. The following examples are commonly treated remotely.

1. Non-Urgent Sick Care

From newborns to teenagers, children will inevitably experience non-urgent illnesses that still require guidance from a pediatrician. Telemedicine ensures a doctor can evaluate the patient, understand their symptoms – and only request the patient visit the office if absolutely necessary.

2. Questions and Follow-Up Consultations

When choosing the best pediatrician, responsiveness is usually near the top of the requirements list. Telemedicine ensures parents can address less pressing health concerns and receive a response within 24–48 hours. For example, a parent may require advice about sleeping patterns or other aspects of a young child’s development.

3. Medication and Prescriptions

Keeping track of a child’s health is not always straightforward. Thanks to telemedicine, however, it’s possible to check medical records, request prescription refills, access test results and other crucial aspects of a child’s ongoing treatment.

4. Behavioral and Developmental Disorders

Conditions like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and Tourette syndrome require consistent treatment during a child’s development. Telemedicine would not be used exclusively during the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders, but can prove quite helpful at various stages.

5. Urgent Care

Urgent care for children covers illnesses and minor injuries that don’t require an immediate emergency room visit. Using the telemedicine service, parents can access consultations with pediatricians for fast treatment. Same-day sick visits (via telemedicine or at our office when required) can treat sprains, vomiting, asthma attacks, ear infections and more.

Childhood Sicknesses That Telemedicine Can Treat

  • Coughs and colds – Coughs and colds are usually minor, but a pediatrician should remotely monitor symptoms and breathing for signs of a problem.
  • Fever – An oral temperature of 100°F indicates fever, and medication could be required.
  • Skin rashes – Video calls are often used to identify common rashes.
  • Stomach pains – While stomach pains usually pass, a virtual call can identify concerning symptoms.
  • Conjunctivitis – A pediatrician may prescribe eye drops after a video evaluation.

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