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Why Pediatricians Are Needed to Help With Child Development

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Pediatricians play a vital role in childhood development, promoting physical, social and emotional growth from infancy to early adulthood. For Cumming-area children with health challenges and complex needs, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician will be a key ally in diagnosing and managing a condition. Before you start looking for a developmental pediatrician near me, let’s analyze some crucial tasks such pediatricians address.

How Pediatricians Help With Childhood Development

Regular checkups are important throughout a child’s life. The relationship forged between a family and their pediatric care provider will often last until the adult years.

Perform Well-Child Checkups

Ongoing evaluations are used to chart milestones in a child’s development. While part of this process involves monitoring height, weight and other physical factors, pediatricians are also checking that specific metrics for social skills, behavior, communication and learning skills are met. Early intervention can dramatically affect a child’s progress, and this is made possible through regular pediatric visits.

Detect and Manage Developmental Disorders

Children develop quickly in their early years, and parents will naturally be concerned about over changes. A pediatrician is able to monitor progress over multiple visits and identify any divergence from expected milestones. Pediatricians help identify some of the following behavioral and developmental issues.

  • Identify the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • Manage ADHD, anxiety and other attention and behavioral concerns.
  • Address learning disorders like dyslexia.
  • Assist with sleep disorders, motor skill problems and discipline issues.
  • Identify signs of Tourette syndrome and habit disorders.

Coordinate With Specialists

A pediatrician will often refer a child to a specialist to diagnose and treat a developmental disorder. After diagnosis, the pediatrician may take on a pivotal role in treatment management, including coordinating with psychologists, neurologists and physiotherapists during ongoing care.

Educate Families on Pediatric Care and Risks

Education is an important factor in the ongoing management of a pediatric developmental issue. Parents can feel overwhelmed when dealing with learning challenges or behavioral problems. In response, pediatric care delivers a range of educational and support services, both directly and through schools and social services.

Guidance on Adaptive Skills

Children with developmental disorders often face challenges with adaptive skills like self-care, eating, toileting and so on. A pediatrician will help families cope with specific problems, offering practical solutions and support that can help a child progress in self-sufficiency, motor skills and communication abilities.

Help Families Manage Chronic Conditions

Pediatric care plays an important role in the ongoing management of chronic conditions. Through access to support, pediatric dietary and nutritional counseling, medication and guidance, children can experience progress towards a better quality of life.

Find a Developmental Pediatrician Near Me

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