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Best Resources for Pediatric Behavioral Concerns

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From disruptive behavior and habit disorders to anxiety concerns and sleeping issues, children can experience many behavioral and developmental disorders. At Vickery Pediatrics we help children from infancy through their teenage years with effective treatments for behavioral concerns. When children display worrying symptoms, a pediatric consultation is required so they may receive a precise diagnosis at the time when it is most beneficial. To assist parents with the information they need, we have compiled a list of the best resources.

The Prevalence of Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Disorders

Many children face behavioral or mental health challenges while growing up.  Some issues resolve over time while others require a comprehensive plan that includes therapy and medications.  Prevalence data from the CDC National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey estimates that 13% of children between the ages of 8 and 15 have a diagnosed mental disorder with ADHD being the most common diagnosis.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescents.  The most common diagnoses according to age are listed below.


  1. ADHD – 6.8%
  2. Behavioral or conduct problems – 3.5%
  3. Anxiety – 3%
  4. Depression – 2.1%
  5. Autism – 1%
  6. Tourette – 0.2%

Adolescents (Ages 12-17)

  1. Illicit drug use – 4.7%
  2. Alcohol use – 4.2%
  3. Cigarette dependence -2.8%

The links below provide comprehensive information on the most common issues children and adolescents face.  Open communication between families, pediatricians and mental health providers can help children reach their maximal potential.

National Institute of Mental Health’s Resources
National Institute of Mental Health’s Publications About Anxiety Disorders
National Institute of Mental Health’s Publications About Eating Disorders
Information for Teens Coping With Stress
Information for Parents Understanding Normal Childhood Fears
A Guide for Parents of Common Emotional and Behavioral Issues
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry’s List of Mental Health Topics
Information for ADHD
Resources for ADHD
CDC Information About Underage Drinking
Resources for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Pediatric Treatment for Behavioral Concerns

Vickery Pediatrics offers dedicated care for pediatric behavioral disorders like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and Tourette syndrome. We provide support and care for children in Cumming, Buford, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee and Forsyth County. To learn more, call (678) 990-2501 or request an appointment today.

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