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Comprehensive Cumming Sports and Camp Physical Examinations

At Vickery Pediatrics, we provide sports and camp physicals for children in Cumming are an important part of a well check. Our experienced pediatricians carefully assess a child’s general health and ensure there are no underlying medical concerns that could prevent participation.

Sports and summer camp physical exams in Cumming

As part of a child’s physical and social development, sports activities and summer camp can play a key role. And backed by a comprehensive physical examination, parents, children and event organizers will get the medical assurance they need that it’s safe for your child to participate.

Skilled Sports and Camp Physical Exam Specialists

Many schools and organizations require sports and camp physicals for enrollment. To keep your child safe, coaches, staff and other personnel need to know of any health conditions that require consideration. For example, a child may be prone to injury and require additional fitness work, or they might have allergy triggers that must be avoided.

What Is Included in a Sports and Camp Physical Examination?

A physical examination involves checking blood pressure, breathing, weight, vision, hearing, heart rate, flexibility and other factors. Your pediatrician will also screen for potential injuries or illnesses that are relevant to the intended activities.

We Consider Your Family’s Medical History

The medical history component of a sports physical exam looks at family medical history, history of injuries, asthma or heart problems, mental health and immunizations. Visiting your family pediatrician makes the process straightforward, as they have an understanding of your child’s health and any relevant concerns.

Physicals Provide Important Information

After your pediatrician has conducted the physical they will assess the results, always putting your child’s health first. Depending on the results, further tests may be required. In some cases, certain physical activities may be restricted, or a child might need to avoid some activities altogether. Children without any health concerns should be able to fully participate in all sports and camp activities.

Common Questions About Sports and Camp Physicals

Usually, physicals must be renewed annually. When possible, it’s best to visit our Cumming office at least eight weeks before camp or the sporting season begins, in case any further tests are required.

Most camps and sports teams require a pre-participation physical exam for entry. In addition, a physical can identify potential health problems, discover issues that could lead to an injury, plus give guidance on improving fitness.

Sports offer many physical and social benefits for children. Your pediatrician will try to find solutions – including further tests or rehabilitation – to ensure your child is both safe and as active as possible.

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At Vickery Pediatrics, our pediatric doctors can provide sports and camp physical examinations for children of all ages. We deliver skilled medical checkups for children in Cumming, Buford, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee and Forsyth County. To schedule a visit, call (678) 990-2501  or request an appointment today.

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