Medical Ear Piercing

We now offer medical ear piercing with the doctor-recommended Blomdahl Professional Ear Piercing Program for our immunized patients over 2 months of age (and their mommies too!).

Feel comfortable knowing that the ear piercing is performed by a professional in a safe, clean medical environment. Ear piercing is a medical procedure. The Blomdahl ear piercing system is developed from a medical standpoint, using modern technology and safe materials. It meets all current hygiene and medical requirements.

We use sterile, prepackaged piercing studs specifically designed to pierce ears. Conventional ear piercing instruments always come in contact with the customer’s ear and therefore need to be sterilized after each ear is pierced. The Blomdahl system uses sterile disposable cassettes to house the earring – the instrument never comes in contact with the ear!

We use only hypo-allergenic medical grade plastic (no latex) or titanium (safest metal to use for any invasive medical procedure) products.The earrings and the earring backs included with our kits are made from medical grade plastic (which contains 0% nickel and 0% latex) or titanium (no nickel or other inferior grade metals). The studs are a crystal style (giving the look of a diamond) or a 14K Gold ball, lightweight, with the head of the stud rounded off in the back to ensure maximum air circulation and facilitate healing. All surfaces of the earring are thoroughly polished to make them as smooth as possible to avoid any irritation.

Aftercare instructions are provided at the time of the ear piercing.

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Earring Styles:

Titanium stud with crystal

Plastic Stud with Crystal

14K Gold ball with Titanium stud

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