Expecting an addition to your family?

If you’re delivering around the Cumming, Alpharetta or John's Creek area, please call to schedule your newborn’s first visit immediately. We suggest the first appointment take place 24 to 48 hours after your baby is discharged.

Add your newborn to your insurance plan

Call your insurance carrier and add your son/daughter to your plan. Choose from our pediatricians: Dr. Gwendolyn Delaney, Dr. Soraya Lim, Dr. Belinda Miller-Topa or Vickery Pediatrics. Verify that your insurance company selects the location at 410 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 4260, Cumming GA 30041. This should be done as soon as possible; otherwise you may get billed for your first few visits with us. Additionally, if your insurance carrier gets your information incorrectly, you may get billed for your first few visits with us. So make sure they have it right (i.e. make them repeat everything to you).
  • Care for Circumcised Penis
    Care for Circumcised Penis
    After your son’s circumcision, there will be either a visible incision or a plastibell ( which is a small plastic ring). Care After a Plastibell Circumcision […]
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