Developmental Concerns

Your child’s development is one of the most important reasons for keeping well check appointments in pediatrics.  Well checks are scheduled for specific ages in the first 2 years of life to help periodically assess developmental progression.  Our practice uses an assessment tool called Ages and Stages to track your child’s gross motor, fine motor, language and social development.   Delays or differences in acquisition of milestones is not always a sign of something bigger – many children have their own timeline for how they progress.  However, if a developmental difference becomes more dramatic or consistent, a plan with your pediatrician to further assess the issue will be undertaken.  Early intervention is the key to making a big positive difference in your child’s development! The following links provide some great developmental incite: – normal developmental milestone list with downloadable checklist – developmental play ideas from birth to 3 years of age – National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities – A-Z index with further links – general information on learning disorders

Specific sites devoted to autism: – link to Babies Can’t Wait – early intervention services ages 0-3 – Parent to Parent – state organization with information on services in education for specific needs

Specific information for ADHD:

Educational resources: – Georgia Department of Education  – Special education services  – explanation of 504 plans and IDEA plans – Forsyth County Special Education page – Gwinnet County Special Education page

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